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Bismillah, These Islamic Anasheed are heart moving and increase the love to Allah and the Prophet and are rewardable acts Insha’Allah. It’s permissible to make tawassul by the Prophet, the Prophet taught this to the Sahabah as confirmed in Hadith of the blind man, and Hadith al-Bukhariy about Abdullah son of Omar and the Tawassul by al-^Abbas and other clear Hadiths permitting Tawassul by the Prophet.

It’s confirmed that the Prophet listened to a women as she praised him for his safe return and she used the “Duff” as narrated by at-Tirmidhiy and Ibn Hiban. Also another hadith in al-Bukhary where the Prophet told Lady ^Aishah Radiallahu ^Anha to “Announce this wedding and to beat on the Duff (Tambourine) for entertainment”. If it’s forbidden for men or women solo or group the Prophet would have mentioned that.

أدعوك في جوف الليالي

أصفح إلهي عن ذنوبي

إغفر إلهي ما مضى

فالعمر منا إنقضى

نور إلهي قبورنا

ثبت إلهي قلوبنا

و الدموع سواكب

إني عبد مذنب

من البلايا نجنا

فرج إلهي كربنا

يا رب إشرح صدورنا

يا رب إقبل دعاءنا

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