Lineage Of The Prophet Muhammad

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Lineage Of The Prophet From Muhammad Peace Be Upon Him to Adnan .


As for the name of the Prophet, many people do not realize how important it is to memorize his name and the name of his grandfathers. In Islam, it is considered an important issue to memorize the lineage of the Prophet up to 20 grandfathers.

He is Muhammad Sallallahu ^Alayhi Wa Sallam, the Son of ^Abdullah, the Son of ^Abdul-Muttalib, the Son of Hashim, the Son of ^Abdu Manaf, the son of Qusayy, the son of Kilab, the son of Murrah, the son of Ka^b, the son of Lu’ayy, the son of Ghalib, the Son of Fihr, the Son of Malik, the son of an-Nadr, the son of Kinanah, the son of Khuzaymah, the son of Mudrikah, the son of Ilyas, the son of Mudar, the son of Nizar, the son of Ma^add, the son of ^Adnan, and after that his lineage goes back to Prophet Isma^il the son of Prophet Ibrahim peace be upon them.

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